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Lasting Labyrinths    
M. E. "Beth" Langley       


Workshops and Lectures for

Conferences, Schools, Private Gatherings, and Church Groups

Teacher training for SC DSS credit hours

Original Labyrinth Designs

Rock and Garden Labyrinth Construction

Guided Labyrinth Walks

Workshops are easily adaptable for audiences of  students, teachers, parents, worshipers, and others who wish to learn about labyrinths and experience a labyrinth walk.  Often creating a temporary labyrinth and walking it is the highlight of the workshop.   Custom designed programs for each group make the labyrinth experience personal and purposeful.

Workshops for teachers can include preparing lessons they can take back to their classrooms and practice presentations for Line Time.  Journaling or writing poetry, creating art, or sharing experiences had while walking the labyrinth can be a focus for workshops for people of all ages..  All of the workshops include learning how to draw the classical seed labyrinths. 

Special activities can be incorporated to your event to meet the needs of your participants.  Searching for inner wisdom, exploring connections, teambuilding, celebrations, and activities around themes, seasons, or holidays are just some of the topics that can be enhanced with the introduction and use of a labyrinth.  Earth Day, International Peace Day, Fall Festivals are just a few events that can feature a labyrinth and activities which will offer participants a meaningful way to celebrate and connect with others.

Special original or classical and Medieval labyrinths can be designed and developed for your home, school, garden, or other location.  Rock and garden labyrinths are manageable on modest to moderate budgets, utilizing your staff and volunteers. 

Feel free to inquire for further information regarding services.

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