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Labyrinth of Feelings
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Lasting Labyrinths
M. E. "Beth" Langley

Files for sharing are made available for personal and classroom use.

Please request permission for any other use.

Please respect the work of Beth and her friends and maintain notes of authorship and copyrights when reproducing.  The files here are mainly for use by participants in Beth's workshops or classes, and may or may not be totally self explanatory.

New files added periodically, so check back for more in the future.

A favorite of Montessori (and conventional) teachers is Lisa Gidlow Moriarty's Problem Solving Labyrinth.   She provides great guidelines for creating a community culture of peacemaking with her tool for solving interpersonal conflicts. Print the Problem Solving Labyrinth and the guidelines here.  Lisa's websites are listed on my Links Page.

A Cup of Tea and a "Piece" of Quiet  This little finger labyrinth meditation gets its name from a story about a little girl bringing her mother an imaginary cup of tea and a "piece" of quiet after hearing her mother say, "All I need is a cup of tea and some peace and quiet."  Ever since reading that story, I've liked the idea of a piece of quiet.

Lasting Labyrinths Handout  and Handout in Spanish have basic information about labyrinths and general guidelines for walking.

Exploring the World through Labyrinths handouts offer a guide for researching labyrinths on the web or through other resource materials.  Students (or you!) can enjoy finding different kinds of labyrinths around the world that fulfill descriptions.  XWL  XWL1 XLW2  Use the Facts Form as a means of recording and sharing your information about the labyrinths you find. XWLQ

The Celestial Labyrinths (website link here) as designed and explained by Adrian Kezele are a beautiful group of labyrinths symbolizing and relating attributes and celestial bodies.  An Introduction (the file of the handout link here) to them was given at The Labyrinth Society's Gathering in Taos, NM in 2011.

It's More than Walking in Circles, published in Montessori Leadership, Fall, 2011.

For Montessori teachers, or those familiar with the Montessori style of lesson presentations, you can follow these detailed steps for presenting the First Labyrinth Lessons.  This file is provided for those who have attended one of my workshops, and there are no photos or drawings.  Otherwise, you will need some imagination or experience with drawing or making labyrinths. 

Great Resource from Fine Art Labyrinths  a FREE COLORING Book of LABYRINTHS.  This book has many different kinds of labyrinths to use as finger labyrinths, coloring pages, and other labyrinth art and meditation activities.

If you need a teacher's guide on introducing meditation and using labyrinths with children, teens, and adults, try these resources from Janice Lewis and her friends in Chicago. The materials are free of charge for not for profits. Contact Janice Lewis at or check out her website at

Meditation for Children:  My Meditation Book

Meditation for Teens and Adults:  Meditation Handbook

Teacher's Guide for Peace Club and Meditation Class












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